Getting my scrap on with LOAD 516

I haven't done any traditional scrapbooking in so long that I've been considering clearing out my craft space and purging my supplies...Then along comes another Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge. Use it or lose it time!

Day 1 - I worked on the  Day in the Life I photographed in April. I'm determined to finish the project this month.

Day 2 - I was inspired by Sketch 1 from Tracie Claiborne and Jen Schow's class, Ready, Sketch, Go.


This time around, I'm attempting to have the page done, start to finish, in less than an hour. My motto, productivity trumps perfection. (I'm a big overthinker.) Life happens - I can't promise I'll complete 31 layouts in 31 days, but I'll have fun trying.




I've just realized that I approach my scrapbooking the same way I do decorating. 

I start my layout with a base colour, often a neutral (black/white/kraft), or a colour you'd see on a wall in my house.  Then I add a secondary colour or texture, like I would a bedspread or window treatments.  Then I go for small impact items, the colourful throw pillows or funky accessories...not too many of them, just a few to dress things up a bit. I like strong, clean, classic lines for my foundation but the added touches can be whimsical or trendy.

When I look at Layouts I've done from kit clubs, I like the pages, but somehow they don't feel like me - kind of like another decorator has had a free hand with my house.  They've done a great job.  Everything they've added is very nice and there's nothing they've used that I dislike...but somehow it just doesn't feel like home.

Bring it.

My creativity has lain dormant for the past two months.  I have helped the kids with school projects, made posters, designed costumes, organized a book fair, taught a junior high scrap class.... Somehow, doing because I must is vastly different than creating purely for the joy of it.   

I had mixed feelings returning to 'the pit' today, virtually untouched since February's LOAD.  I am first struck by the mess I''ve left it in and just a little bit stressed.   I got over  LOAD begins tomorrow and the timing is perfect!  The web is hopping with National Scrapbooking Day contests, freebies and challenges, one of which I couldn't resist at (This was a great way to try and remember what I learned in February's digi course.)

I'm an all or nothing gal.   That's why LOAD is so great for me.  I work best on full immersion...with a deadline!   It lasts long enough for me to be incredibly productive but ends just before the household completely falls apart (or shortly thereafter)!   Then it's time for 100% immersion in hausfrau mode, though that mode won't last nearly as long as LOAD did.  

Wake up creativity.  You have 31 layouts to create in 31 days........

Bring it! Miraclessend-1iNSD Challenge - 'One hour time limit.  With a photo you've taken today, create a layout with the words Today and Miracle in the title.'